Fiberglass wool loft insulation roll

Thermal applications

Acoustic applications

Air-conditioning systems

Pipe works – hot and cold

Fire protection

Power generations turbines

Tanks and vessels

Boilers, driers and ovens


1.Fiberglass wool loft insulation roll also has the performances of shock absorption and acoustical isolation,especially for middle or low frequency sound,

2.Can cancel the noise and improve working environment.

3.Can ben freely cut in construction according the shape required, quick and Easy to install


mainly used in room, noise-canceling system, transportation, refrigeratorsa and household electric appliances for noise canceling.


Thickness: 100mm,140mm,150mm,200mm

Width: 400mm,600mm,630mm,1150mm,1200mm 

Density: 10-50kg/m          

Fiberglass wool loft insulation roll