Flex glass wool duct wrap hvac using

  • 1.Structure: Jacket(sleeve) 1 layer aluminum +1layer polyester 
  •  2Insulation: Glass wool   25mm(thick)   220g/m2
  •  3Inner Duct:   aluminum + polyester+ aluminum       


Flexible glass wool duct wrap is a range of fully flexible insulated ducting. provides outstanding resistance and durability. suitable for use with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems 


1. Acoustic insulated duct made of aluminum foil + pet + helix steel wire+ glass wool
2. Apply for low/medium/ high pressure central for HVAC  system, use for air ventilation in each environment.
3. Round style, and easy to install oval or round connection.
4. Fireproofing, at high temperatures or in case of fire, no toxic gas emitted.
5. Easy to delivery.
6. Good insulated---heat insulated
7. Absorb noise---can absorb the noise from the shaking when ventilated
8. No corrosive---not corrosive the aluminum pipe and metal parts
9. Durability---not decay, mildew
10. Fire---resistant
11. Practicality: suitable for the densely-populated area(such as school, supermarket, office, stadium, theater, factory.),high requirement of the environment area, such as hospital, laboratory, howff,  bus, train,  broadcasting studio.

Flexible glass wool duct wrap