Glass Wool Blanket Insulation Plain


Fire resistant

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Energy saving (Reduce electricity bills)

Reduce the cost of Air treatment equipment

Effective Moisture and Condensation Control

Corrosion Resistance

No "aging" effect with guaranteed R-Value

Environment Friendly

Easy to Handle and install

Unique technology; rebound degree after compressive packing is up to 99.2%.

Soft and long glass fibers can maximally lessen flying catkins in the construction.
Sound absorption and noise reduction; it can effectively prevent sound from spreading.
Grade A1 incombustible materials.
Low moisture absorption; stable physical properties.


Building and Steel Structure

Thermal applications

Acoustic applications

Air-conditioning systems

Pipe works-hot and cold

Fire protection

Power generations turbines

Tanks and vessels

Boilers, driers and ovens

soundproof and fireproof used for wall and roof of house

For indoor partition wall

Train compartment

Overall speaking of glass wool blanket insulation’s advantages and applications, BJKNGW001 is the first choice of thermal insulation material.

In order to comply with our customer’s different requirements, except glass wool blanket plain type, we also can attached all kinds of facing, more details, just click the product you want, thanks

Glass Wool Blanket Insulation Plain BJKNGW001