Glass wool insulation is with multi-function, both thermal and acoustic

Even when heating or cooling is required, glass wool significantly reduces thermal loss.

Glass wool with below advantages:

Light weight, flexible, and with maximum compress strength

Will not sink or degrade


Will not absorb moisture

Resilient in climate and temperature changes

Repels rust, decay, mold and insects

Glass wool insulation blanket  cover with black fiber cloth (black glass tissue)

Benefits of the black glass tissue:

Prevents fiber shedding

Functions as a sound filter while preserving the acoustic benefit of glass wool.

Can be used when a black background is required

Thickness: 2.5-5 cm

Density: 12-16-24-32 Kg/m

Width: 30-40-60-80-120 cm

Every package can contains a tag specifying its contents, sizes and performance data.


AC duct insulation, dry walls, ceilings, shingle roofs

Glass wool insulation blanket cover with black fiber cloth