CONING Formaldehyde-free glass wool

Formaldehyde-free glass wool belongs to a category of glass fiber, is a kind of man-made inorganic fibers. It is molten fibering glass , forming of wool material,  a kind of inorganic fiber. Glass wool has good shape, small volume density,  low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing performance, corrosion resistance, stable chemical performance. The most important is : it  do not contain any formaldehyde, no harm to human health, a real environmental friendly  insulation material.

White Glass Wool Application:

1. Steel structure buildings heat insulation and sound absorption.

2.Air-conditioning duct system out wall heat/cold insulation, inner wall sound proof.

3.Dry wall systems.

4.Oven Insulation

Zero formaldehyde white glass wool blanket fsk covering